The One Thing You’d Never Expect to be a Limiting Thought

"I am a writer."This is what I say whenever anyone asks what I do. It is also a big part of how I self identify.I've considered myself a writer for about as long as I can remember. I even have a photo of myself at about 3 or 4 years old writing what I am … Continue reading The One Thing You’d Never Expect to be a Limiting Thought


How to Have a Conversation with Anyone (No Matter how Nervous You Are)

Whether it's your favorite actor, that cute girl you've always wanted to talk to, the owner of the company you work for, or pretty much anyone else, the rules of conversation are generally the same. Rich or poor, famous or not, we all think and behave more or less the same way when it comes to talking and connecting with each other. That's why the following tips are essentially universal. They'll work in the office, at a coffee shop, or at a bar, party, or grocery store just as easily as they worked for me at the autograph signing.

How Social Media Can Make You a Better Person

There have been times when I wanted to pull away from social media. It can get overwhelming, especially if you're feed is filled with negativity. Some days, I'll scroll through Facebook and see nothing but complaints and bitterness, or close-minded political posts. This isn't a situation unique to Facebook. It exists on all of social … Continue reading How Social Media Can Make You a Better Person

The Productivity Challenge – Simplified

Let's Get Focused! Build mental strength, boost concentration, and improve your ability to work efficiently with this fun challenge from Get Fearless! What is NaNo Pomodoro? NaNo Pomodoro, or The Productivity Challenge is a simple challenge that works with your life instead of taking time away from it. It forces you to cut out distractions … Continue reading The Productivity Challenge – Simplified

The 30 Day Focus & Productivity Challenge

You know that feeling when you are so completely immersed in what you're doing that you lose all sense of time and everything else just fall away? Nothing matters but the thing you are working on. You exist in a state of flow. You are in the zone. Everyone experiences this at one point or … Continue reading The 30 Day Focus & Productivity Challenge