About Me

If you made a point of stepping outside of your comfort zone and committing a single fearless act every day for a year, how much would your life change?
This year, I’m going to find out.

Hi, I’m Brinna Blaine, a full time freelance writer and the blogger behind Get Fearless. I created this blog to record and share my experiences during my Year of Fearlessness, a full year dedicated to fearless acts. Of course, this blog is much more than a journal of my experiences. It is also intended to be a resource for anyone looking to bring a little fearlessness into their own lives. It will include a variety of posts on topics like self-love and confidence, creative living, relationships, self-driven education, and much more. It will also include in depth posts on common fearless acts, such as asking for a raise, writing to your favorite author, introducing yourself to someone you are romantically interested in, applying for a new job, bidding on a freelance gig, going back to school, or starting a business.

While I definitely want to inspire you in your own fearless acts, I also want to give you the knowledge and resources you need to create the best chance of success. Together, we’ll be learning about the science of fear, habits, and relationships. I’ll bring you advice from professionals in a number of different fields and inspiration from some of the most fearless people who have ever lived.

Let’s Get Fearless Together

I have big plans for both this blog and my Year of Fearlessness, but like any adventure, it’s better with company. So, join me and share your own experiences, opinions, and advice. Tell me what you’ve tried and whether it worked out the way you wanted to. Tell me how the results surprised you or how you surprised yourself.

Did you finally ask out your best friend after 10 years of friendship? Did you start your own business or apply to your dream job? Are you still struggling with a Fearless Act you haven’t quite got the nerve to try? Share it in the comments, send me an email, or use the hashtag #GetFearless when talking about it on Twitter or Facebook. Together, we can create a community built on the spirit of fearlessness. Maybe it sounds a little cheesy, but that doesn’t make it any less true. So, hit that subscribe button, step outside of your comfort zone, and then come back and share. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Come On, Let’s Get Fearless
Brinna Blaine


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Brinna,

    I love the title of your blog! This is exactly how I made myself feel when I first started freelance writing and still make myself do nearly every day as a freelance writer! Got to have guts and be fearless when jumping into the unknown and making a name and living for oneself. I love finding like minded people. I look forward to reading more of your work! Congrads on your year of fearlessness!

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