Why I’m Actually Glad that No One Reads My Blog


I’ve been thinking a lot about the new year, my goals for 2017, and the changes I want to see in my life. I know, it’s only November, but the last three months of the year are always a time of reflection and renewal for me. October seems to come with a burst of luck and a sort of bright, shiny energy that makes me want to create, write, and share.

Creating, writing, and sharing are three of my favorite things, along with learning, teaching, and exploring new topics, ideas, and tools.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of all of those things. The problem is, I haven’t been doing them here. A while back, I learned that to have a thriving blog or website, you need to start putting together a mailing list as soon as possible. Like yesterday. So I got set up with Mailchimp, added a signup form to my website, and set up a campaign that would send out emails to my subscribers every time I posted. At first, I thought that was pretty cool. I was on my way to creating something great. I was building an audience for the blog that I already loved.

Get Fearless means so much to me. I have this image in my head of what I hope it will one day become. I have an Evernote notebook and a large sketchbook filled with ideas, outlines, and drafts for fun, inspiring helpful blog posts and articles, all written to inspire people to expand their comfort zones, face their fears, dream big, create amazing goals for themselves, and actually go after those dreams and goals.And while I do a lot of writing in those notebooks, I very rarely post anything on the blog itself. Most of the posts I’m working on are what I think of as Big Blog Posts. They are complete articles, filled with tips, advice, and information. They don’t need to be perfect to be posted, but they do need to feel complete. And right now, they’re just not ready.

I’ve been living the life I promote on this blog. I do a Fearless Act nearly every day. I try to be brave, kind, understanding, and productive, and encourage others to do the same. And while I’m not quite where I want to be, I’m so much further than I was when I first started this blog. Just by existing, Get Fearless has made me a better, stronger, happier, more productive person. Yet, I rarely post anything for this audience I have been building.

I hate that this blog sits empty, waiting for posts that almost never come. I hate being someone who starts posts with “It’s been so long since my last post.” The spirit of this blog has made me a stronger, happier, more productive person, and it’s about time that those things were reflected in the blog itself. By now, I believe that Get Fearless should have a ton of posts. But when I think about posting, I think about the notebook full of Big Awesome Informative Posts and I feel like anything less would be a disappointment to that audience I’ve been trying to build. Just thinking about that mailing list makes me nervous. I worry that people might read a post or two and feel disappointed by the fact that they aren’t Big Awesome Informative Posts. The last thing I want to do is disappoint my readers.

But I realized something recently.

No one really reads my blog.

I have a total of 12 subscribers on Mailchimp and a handful on WordPress. I get a few page views from twitter posts and facebook, but that’s about it. Last week, one of my posts got 76 page views in 1 day. It was the most popular post I’d ever published. And you know what it was? A printable planner sheet. It wasn’t a huge post filled with tips and advice. It didn’t have references or links to other websites and blogs. It wasn’t filled with deep insight about the world. It was just a planner page. A single item that would be useful to some people and mean absolutely nothing to others. Though it took me a little while to actually make the planner page, I wrote the post itself in a matter of minutes. It wasn’t long or complicated. I was simply sharing something I’d made that was helpful to me and it turned out to be helpful to other people.

THAT is what blogging really is. You find something that works for you and you share it. Every post doesn’t have to be a Big Awesome Informative Post. It just has to provide something that will be useful to someone.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and websites over the past few weeks and I’ve discovered that while I find sites full of information useful, I’m more inspired by the people who pour themselves into their posts, sharing their hopes, fears, and insecurities, and experiences, as they create the lives they want to live. That is the kind of person I want to be. That is the kind of blog I want to have.

This might sound weird, but I am actually glad that no one really reads my blog. Not yet anyway. It gives me the freedom to let Get Fearless grow and change along with me. So, that is what I am going to do.

I’m still going to write those Big Awesome Blog Posts. But I’m also going to start writing shorter, more personal posts in between. I’m going to share the things I find useful, even if they’re small. And I’m going to share more of my life and my world. I’m going to share what scares me and what I’m doing about it. I’m going to share my plans, my goals, and my Fearless Acts. I’m going to talk about my life, even if some people might find it boring or unhelpful, because if even one person finds strength or inspiration through my writing, it was worth sharing. I’m going to be myself, even if some people won’t like me. I’m not perfect, but I can help people and so can my blog.

So, this is me, opening up a little more each day, finding my path and hoping that it inspires others to find their own. Whatever you’re doing in your life, whatever you’re creating, don’t be afraid to share it with the world. You don’t have to be perfect to make a difference.

What about you? What are you working on or creating that you’re a little nervous or afraid to share? How are you dealing with that? My Fearless Act for today was to share this post and commit to posting more often.

What’s your Fearless Act for today?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or catch me on facebook or twitter.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

As always,

thanks for reading!

❤ Brinna




3 thoughts on “Why I’m Actually Glad that No One Reads My Blog

  1. Hi Brianna, i spotted you when you followed me and you’ve got it right. Pour yourself into your blog posts, post stuff and people will follow. I have one of the most random blogs I’ve seen ever… But its me and for some weird reason people follow. I’m looking forward to seeing more from you and the pressure is on now… Because someone is reading your blog 😝

  2. Thanks for the follow, Brianna. I find blogging really interesting, partly because there’s so much variety, so many ways of blogging. Finding your niche takes a little time, but knowing what you enjoy is a great step. Some blogs are narrowly focused, others quite broad. I think the key is just to enjoy yourself and you will attract people who enjoy you enjoying yourself. Ha. Sounds weird, but true. Happy Blogging!

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