NrdFeed and Sci-Fi Writing

Yet another update post.

I know, I’m sorry, but I have NEWS!

Not only is Nrdfeed keeping me around (YAY!) they’ve given me a new project to work on. Along with editing for them twice a week, I’m also the new Sci-Fi Guru and Editor!

scifi nrdfeed

The sci-fi category rolled out with their latest website update, with its own domain and everything. There’s not a lot of content up just yet, but we’re slowly building it up. I’ll even be getting a new writer soon! Sorry for all the exclamations. I’m just very excited. I love science-fiction movies and TV and writing about them is almost as fun as watching. Almost.


 If you love science fiction, please stop by, check out the site, and see what you think. If you like it, register for an account and post a comment or two. Nrdfeed hopes to one day be the world’s leading nerd fandom network, but we can’t do it alone. So, stop by and register for a free account, and start sharing your thoughts and opinions. You can also follow the sci-fi category on twitter at @scifigurus or like their page on facebook.

As for me, I’ve got articles to write.

Stay Fearless and Thanks for Reading!

I love you all!

❤ Brinna


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