Fearless Endeavors

I hope you’re having a wonderfully fearless new year!

I certainly am. I’ve been so busy getting my various projects started, I haven’t given this blog the attention it deserves.  I know, I’m awful. But that’s OK! Because this year is going to be amazing and you’re going to hear all about it. Well, most of it. A girl’s gotta have her secrets sometimes. 😉

I’m working on a number of endeavors, all of which will take some serious fearlessness and a lot of hard work to achieve. Luckily I have some great tools and a fantastic support system to help me succeed. It also helps that I’m doing exactly what I love, both in and out of my career. I still have a long way to go, but I’m enjoying the process. 

My Fearless Endeavors

A Parallel Blog – Everything Without Moderation

One of the most difficult thing about running a blog, at least in my experience, is maintaining focus. I often find myself working on a potential blog post only to find that it doesn’t quite fit the topic and theme of my blog. Over the past few years, this has led to a lot of unfinished blog posts and abandoned ideas. While I know that not every idea is going to make a great post, I also know that I’m still learning the craft of blogging and need all the practice I can get. So, instead of limiting what I write about, I’ve decided to create a parallel blog for all of the posts that don’t really fit here. Not only will this encourage me to write more, it will allow me to share things with my readers without overwhelming my fearless subscribers or their email inboxes. Everybody wins!

The new blog is called Everything Without Moderation and will include posts on a wide variety of topics, including:

Books, Blogs, Movies, and TV Series (I watch and read everything I can find)

Crafts, Calligraphy, and other SCA related Projects I’m Working on

Programs and Apps that Make my Life Easier or More Fun

Games I Love (Especially World of Warcraft and Hearthstone)

Candy, Snacks, and Things that Make Life Sweeter (Usually super short reviews)

Hair and Beauty Products, Tips, and Advice

Pagan Articles, Essays, and other Witchy Things

Updates on my Writing Life and Bits of Advice for other Writers

Sound like fun? Check it out here:  https://www.tumblr.com/blog/brinnablaine

Writing Projects

Of course, blogging is only a small portion of the writing I do. I have a few non-blogging writing endeavors going on as well. In the next year, I plan on:

Bringing in new clients, taking on new projects, and picking up better paying jobs

Finding jobs and writing projects that are better suited to my knowledge and skills

Setting up an online portfolio and professional writing website

Submitting queries and submissions to magazines and print publications

Writing multiple ebooks, including a book on Fearless Acts

Self-Driven Education

I decided a few years ago to give traditional education a break and invest my time in self-driven education. Instead of following a specific curriculum and learning at a pace determined by someone else, I seek out educational resources as I want or need them. This can be as simple as watching a few videos to find the answer to a technical problem or as complex as taking a complete workshop or course on a subject. I love to learn and I enjoy the freedom to choose what to study on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Self-driven education has served me well so far. For instance, I’ve never taken an actual college course on the topic of Article Writing or Blogging, yet I scored in the top 5% of all Elance users when tested on the subject. This doesn’t mean I’ll never pursue a college degree. I’ve simply chosen to learn by my own methods for now.

My current topics of study include:

Writing Articles, Blog Posts, Press Releases, Books, Personal and Company Bios, and More

Fiction Writing and Storytelling

Blog Management and Social Media Marketing

Website Coding and Development

Medieval and Modern Calligraphy

The Science of Fear, Risk, and Motivation

The Society for Creative Anachronism

I’m a total nerd and I love history, so the SCA has always been interesting to me. A couple years ago, I was introduced to the SCA group in my area via facebook. Though it took me a little while to actually make it out to a meeting, I knew from the start that it would eventually be a big part of my life. A few months ago, I started learning and practicing calligraphy, which I hope to eventually develop into an actual skill. Even more recently, I offered my skills and experience as a writer and social media manager to the group. Though it isn’t official yet, I’ve already taken the class needed to become the group’s Webminister (or website admin) and Social Media Deputy. I just have to get my official SCA membership and I can get started. It’s a big job, but it’s one I’m going to really love doing. It’s also going to be great motivation for learning to code websites. I have some experience with HTML and a bit of CSS, but know very little about JavaScript and PHP. There’s going to be a hell of a learning curve, but I can do it. Besides, these are all skills I can use in my freelance career. Who know, I just might end up with a whole new category of freelance services.

Building Relationships and Getting Out More

The last major thing I plan to work on over the next year is relationship building and spending more time with the people I care about. As a freelancer who works from home, I have a tendency to make every day a work day. Unless someone specifically asks me to do something, I’m very likely to spend the entire day on the computer. This is great news for my clients, but not so great for my social life. It can also cause serious burnout. To combat this, I’m making an effort to initiate outings with friends and family and setting little relationship reminders on my Todoist app.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. How about you?

Tell me about your Fearless Endeavors in a comment or share it on social media with the hashtag #GetFearless.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Stay Fearless,



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